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Are You Ready To Add Trauma Recovery Facilitator To Your Professional Toolbox?

 Discover your one-stop solution for integrative trauma-informed training that will create sustainable change and optimal well-being in your life and that of your clients. 


What if you could…

  • create sustainable transformation for self and clients in an ethical and safe way?
  • honour your clients’ unique history and lived experience with compassionate persistence and create a greater capacity for love and growth?
  • provide a safe container in which to heal through mind, body, and soul integration?
  • understand trauma and the impact it causes when unhealed in not only your clients’ lives but also your own?
  • remove blocks and self-sabotaging behaviours that get in the way of you becoming your most authentic self?
  • add a science-based, integrated approach to your professional toolkit that creates long-lasting results without perpetuating trauma?

Healing mental health and trauma is nuanced.

 Most mental health methodologies help with a single aspect of treatment which results in only temporary improvement.

That’s why it’s important to have tools that allow a nuanced holistic approach that you can tailor to each individual client and create long-lasting results.

An integrated, holistic model for trauma-informed treatment allows you to:

  • Optimize brain health and body wisdom
  • Create new neural pathways by changing behavior
  • Become more aware of your conscious programming
  • Understand that with trauma it’s not what’s wrong with you but what happened to you
  • Listen to the body and learn to regulate the nervous system
  • Hold psychological safe spaces for yourself and your clients
  • Create sustainable change by breaking through core wounds
  • Integrate your own self care and healing to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout
  • Release blocks and patterns that no longer serve you
  • Find increased fulfillment in all areas of your life
  • Obtain long term results without perpetuating trauma

But, you can’t take anyone further than you’ve gone yourself.

My proprietary AWAKEN model and holistic method of healing will help you become a trauma recovery facilitator who can hold psychologically safe spaces for continuous transformation and peak performance in your personal and professional life.

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I’m Jeanne Foot, founder of The Recovery Concierge. I’m the living embodiment of adversity of all kinds: overcoming grief, loss, abuse of all kinds, repeated trauma, living with PTSD for five decades, mental illness, addiction and trauma, shame and eventually cultivating resilience and purpose in my life. 

I am keenly aware of the systemic gaps in medical and clinical models of care to allow others to break free of the patterns that hold them stuck. I suffered for years in silence with deep emotional wounds, while appearing to the outside world that I had it all together.

It wasn’t until I researched various modalities that I created a model to heal and transform adversity and blocks caused by trauma by optimizing brain health and body wisdom. 

My experience has shown me that it only works when we incorporate a method in a life-affirming, holistic way that integrates mind, body, and spirit into every aspect of our lives.


Trauma is the most overused word in the mental health and wellness sector, however, it is also the least understood. I’ve made it my mission to change that and you can too!



Trauma Recovery Facilitator Training

This 6-month experiential, trauma-informed training blends the science-based modalities of neuroscience, nervous system regulation, attachment theory, epigenetics, and relational somatic healing to transform your own life and your clients. 

Incorporating treatment and support for body, mind, and spirit, this nuanced, integrative training produces life-changing results that lead to greater fulfillment, capacity, and resilience by optimizing brain health and body wisdom.

You will:

  • Discover a new way of working on healing collective trauma while holding more space for yourself, your clients, and those with whom you interact
  • Bust through shame, perfectionism, and burnout, to create sustainable change by breaking through core wounds, blocks, and patterns that no longer serve you
  • Find increased fulfillment in all other areas of life– breakthroughs with clients, relationships, finances, and increased levels of peace, happiness, and confidence
  • Increase your capacity for presence, love, and choice within a safe and supportive container
  • Learn how to hold psychological safe spaces embedded into mental health and trauma healing so you do not perpetuate collective trauma
  • Expand your professional toolbox with embodiment practices to regulate the nervous system and access greater emotional capacity both with client and self  
  • Understand how Dopamine increases desire and how your body and brain must be integrated to create life-lasting change
  • Bio-hack your biology and physiology and heal in your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual body, creating a foundation to live to your fullest in an aligned way
  • Change the way you approach and treat trauma and mental health, and create enhanced long-lasting results through complete human rehabilitation
  • Learn new tools and techniques through embodied training within a safe container of a trusted peer network of seekers/professionals
  • Understand how Attachment Theory and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) became the imprinting as to how we interact relationally
  • Understand the anatomy of human development and how intergenerational trauma can interrupt the process of normal development and set the foundation for adaptations that hinder the most authentic self
  • Learn how embodiment fosters healing from your past with resilience and grace
  • Discover communication skills that will bring you closer, not farther away from people
  • Work through unhealed wounds, develop inner child resilience, self-love, and self-compassion to heal intergenerational trauma

Trustworthy, Compassionate, Professional

“Jeanne brings passion and a commitment to excellence, to everything she does. This is especially true for her work in recovery. As a result, Jeanne works tirelessly to find the right solutions and is an asset to all who work with her. She is a consummate professional whom I know I can trust and rely on.”

– Sarah Finney, MS, LMFT, Finney Consulting

Why You’ll Love It


Cutting-edge, evidence based trauma-informed training for sustainable results


A method based on strengths and compassion that doesn’t further perpetuate trauma


Trauma-informed methodology integrates holistic care for total healing


Build new skills and enhance your outcomes


Safe container for healing and learning


Ethical, safe, fun, turnkey solutions for facilitators

Trauma Recovery Facilitator Training is perfect for you if:

  • You know that being trauma-informed is essential for your career and your own life, but you aren’t sure where to start or who to trust. 
  • You’re confused and overwhelmed as to which next training investment will take you furthest in your life and career to grow your practice and receive more referrals.
  • You still feel stuck in your own patterns and behaviors holding you back– you’re not short on information but are missing the implementation component.
  • You know that being trauma-Informed is an ethical responsibility, and you’re looking for a place to build inner confidence and trust as a transformational professional. 
  • You feel heavy from the energy of your clients and know your own mental health is being compromised.
  • Your work is lonely and hard and you’re seeking a safe community where you belong and people support you.
  • You know there must be a better way to serve your clients with lasting results and that will help you stand out in the field.
  • You want a one-stop method and are ready to learn science-backed embodiment practices that lead to greater fulfillment, capacity, and resilience. 


A Glimpse of What You Will Learn


A Revolutionary Approach to Whole Health Healing & Recovery

  • Discern how systemic issues perpetuate collective trauma and why healing needs to happen collectively at the root cause. 
  • Learn how collective trauma, fear, worry, overwhelm, and addictive patterns have become the new normal.
  • Realize why building trust and creating a psychologically safe space is a requirement for change and healing.
  • Discover how the neurobiology of trauma is passed from one generation to the next through Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and what is required to have a reparative experience.


An Integrated & Holistic Approach to Recovery

  • Understand how neuroscience, attachment theory, epigenetics and Polyvagal Theory can change your brain and grow your nervous system. 
  • Find out what trauma-informed care really is and how integrative holistic healing is the model for sustainable change. 
  • Learn how to integrate your mind, body, and spirit to create a connection to your true authentic Self.
  • Discover how our formative years become the imprint of how we view ourselves and how we show up in our relationships.



Discover how to use the AWAKEN Method in your practice and life for sustainable change and optimal wellbeing.

  • Awareness- Awakening to consciousness by learning how the superpower of our subconscious mind is programmed and how we process information in the NLP Communication model.   
  • Worthiness- Discovering how we became the way we are is a learning and unlearning process through understanding our perinatal psychology, early child development and adverse childhood experiences (ACE).
  • Affirming- Affirming what you experience is vital to emotional healing. Learn how different attachment styles become the internal map of how you show up relationally, foster your inner child, and establish how boundaries can be a form of self-respect.
  • Knowledge- Sustainable change is created by integrating the power of the subconscious mind with embodied intelligence.
  • Embodiment- Understand how trauma has cellular memory and is released through nervous system regulation and somatic experiencing. 
  • Neuroscience- Learn how Neuroscience is enhancing outcomes for mental health, addiction and trauma by creating new neural pathways. 


Personal and Professional Ethics

    • Understand why being trauma-informed is an ethical and moral responsibility to cause no further harm.
    • Discover what to do when you don’t know what to do so you can stay in your scope of practice.
    • Learn how to work collaboratively with licensed professionals and know how and when to refer out. 
    • Understand the scope of your privacy legislation such as PIPEDA and HIPAA Guidelines.  


Foundations of Trauma

    • Realize that Trauma-Informed is not about becoming a Trauma Specialist but rather knowing how to work with complex challenges resulting from unhealed trauma.
    • Recognize the signs and prevalence of trauma in self, community and organizations
    • Learn how trauma works, how to identify and not to retraumatize, and where healing is available and fosters strength and resilience.


Safe Trauma Facilitation

  • Discover how to build rapport, create attunement, and develop an environment to set yourself and your clients up for success.
  • Learn the unconscious dynamics that occur between client and practitioner through transference and countertransference.
  • Create tools for trauma resolution– Polyvagal Theory, somatic interventions and relation healing, embodied practices, EMDR, Kundalini Yoga and many more.
  • Understand how to set up clients for success with attunement, reflective listening, and safety anchor practices.


Trauma For Practitioners

  • Build integral leadership to create protected spaces for change globally (i.e. safe space to be seen, heard, and validated). 
  • Create a healthy attachment dynamic between the leaders and their staff.
  • Understand Trauma-Informed Coaching as a new paradigm of care in all environments. 


Trauma-Centric Embodied Leadership

  • Close the gaps between the old-school way of teaching and academia.
  • Learn why the new PhD is innovated from adversity to resilience from lived experience, bridging old best practices with emerging evidence science.
  • Understand how systemic gaps have no agency and are based on a system of dependency.


Building your Somatic ToolBox

  • Expand your cadre of tools that you can rely on for any situation at any time. 
  • Learn how to successfully stabilize a client from emotionally flooding.
  • Discover the physiological and psychological benefits of somatic experiencing.
  • Learn how to integrate nervous system regulation tools into your life and practice.


Relationships are our greatest teacher

  • Discover the power of reflective listening to reduce conflict. 
  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries for self care and effective change.  
  • Determine how to communicate effectively for change with non-violent  communication. 

BONUS: Safe and Sound Protocol 

Gain complimentary access to the Safe and Sound Protocol. The SSP developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, founder of the Polyvagal Theory, is a non-invasive acoustic vagus nerve stimulator that helps your clients connect with themselves, others, and the world from a foundation of physiological safety. It allows for the repatterning of neural networks and improved regulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) for lasting change.

Value= $1500 US

Here’s What’s Included

  • Pre-recorded modules dropped weekly
  • Live, interactive 90-minute weekly calls
  • Group Clinical Supervision by MSW, EMDR, Trainer and Consultant
  • Experiential exercises for self-exploration 
  • The wisdom of Kundalini with meditation, kriyas and challenges
  • Guest Speakers
  • Unlimited access for the lifetime of the program

Plus these bonuses

  • Private Facebook community
  • Safe and Sound Protocol

Total Value =$10,000 USD

Your investment only $4,997

Enrollment for Trauma Recovery Facilitator ends on September 23rd, 2022.


6 Easy Payments of $917

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Pay in Full and Save $500

1 Easy Payment of $4,997

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- Elizabeth McGann

“Killer Instincts, genuine compassion and a razor sharp intellect, Jeanne Foot is leading the way for a new model of Recovery.” 


- Rachel

“Jeanne was exceptional to work with. She helped me better understand my emotional responses, and how I could lean into my emotions and utilize them to serve me better. My experience working with has changed my life for the better. Highly recommended.”

 – Kate

“Jeanne has played a vital role in my road to recovery. She is an incredible balance of compassion and empathy along with intellect and wherewithal.  It is easy to see that she customizes each client’s journey based on learning about them, and what may work for them.”

- Lorne M

“‘Unbridled support’ is how I would describe the role that Jeanne Foot has provided us as we, along with our daughter, move forward in this horrible battle with the illness of alcoholism. Jeanne knows when to push and when to back off. Above all, when we are ready to ‘throw the towel in,’ Jeanne pushes on. Failure is not an option for her.  She’s the real deal!”

Meet Jeanne Foot

Jeanne is the Founder of The Recovery Concierge, mental health concierge boutique. For the past 15 years, Jeanne has worked collaboratively alongside world-renowned psychiatrists, clinical professionals, and families across the globe with the primary goal to enhance outcomes and treat mental health and trauma with compassion and grace. Her customized concierge services support clients from ‘surviving to thriving with a 97% success rate! 

Recovery pathways can often be complex and nuanced, and information can be conflicting. Jeanne demystifies the process for her clients by creating clear customized pathways designed to help those struggling with the impact of trauma and substance misuse. Her approach is compassionate, family-centred, trauma-informed, and holistic, building up Health & Recovery Capital in all areas of life, so her clients will thrive in Recovery.

When the mind, body, and spirit come into balance, a sustainable lifestyle in recovery is more likely than relying on a traditional clinical approach alone. Jeanne's specialty is creating a safe container of holistic solutions that bridge the systemic gaps with trusted, ethical, and long-lasting results.


  • Personal and family experience with seeking recovery support
  • Internationally Certified Addiction Counselor (ICADC)
  • Relational Somatic Healing Psychotherapy Certification
  • Master Practitioner and Board Recognized Trainer of
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    • Clinical Hypnotherapy
    • Life and Success Coaching
    • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
    • TIME Techniques 
  • Certified as a Trauma-Informed Facilitator
  • Certified as a Safe & Sound Practitioner
  • Student of Compassionate Inquiry 
  • Member of the CACCF
  • Member of the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners (IBCP)
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Jury Member for the Mental health Commission of Canada
  • Host of the Naturally High podcast on Apple and Spotify




6 Easy Payments of $917

Easy monthly payments



Pay in Full and Save $500

1 Easy Payment of $4, 997

Book a call to find out if Trauma Recovery Facilitator Training is right for you.