Free Online Trauma Healing Summit for Mental Health and Wellness Professionals, Therapists, Counselors, Coaches, and Wellness Seekers

Trauma Healing: An Awakened Approach to Trust, Consciousness and Resilience

Join behavorial health and wellness innovators and leaders to learn new methodologies, tools, and techniques in trauma care that can help you create safe spaces, build better relations, and foster long-term resilience without causing further harm. 

Hosted by 

Jeanne Foot

2 Days
20+ Experts
1 Mission

Our showcase of revolutionary trailblazers in innovative trauma healing includes:

 Marti Glenn, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Ryzio Institute, Author

From Coping to Thriving: Leveraging Life’s Challenges to Find Meaning, Purpose, Connection and Joy”

Ross McKenzie

Certified Life Coach and Somatic Trauma Therapist, Co-wrote and produced the award winning documentary Bipolarized

 “Transitioning from the Life He Knew to the Life He Desired”

Paul Noiles

Awakening Recovery Coach Specializing in Healing Trauma, Author of Mistaken Identity– A Sacred Journey from Addiction to Awakening

“Addiction Is About The Pain Of Our Mistaken Identity’

 Rachel Joy

Board Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner in NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E. Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Life & Success Coaching

“Brain Hacking: The Science Behind Creating the Reality of Your Dreams Using NLP & Breaking Free from the Barriers of Self”

Candy Wright, M.A.

Life Coach, Menopause Doula, SafeSpace™ Trauma Healing Facilitator, Licensed Partnership & Emotionally Healing Coach

“Bringing Compassion and Understanding into Menopause” 

Darryl Stickel, PhD 

Founder of Trust Unlimited, Author 

Building Trust: Exceptional Leadership in an Uncertain World”

 Shelly Pomerantz

Registered Psychotherapist, Speaker, and Author of  What Your Mother Never Told You About Love, Sex and Power 

“Transforming Inconsolable Grief and Moving Toward Thriving” 

 Briannne Flaherty

Certified Canadian Addiction Counselor

“Healing Addiction, Mental Illness and Trauma Though Curiosity, Compassion and Connection”

Dominika Zarzeczny

Trauma-Informed Naturopathic Doctor

“Less Doing and More Being: A Naturopathic Doctor’s Treatment For Mental Health and Chronic Disease”

 Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Storytelling Business Coach, Speaker, Author of When She Stopped Asking Why, Kinesiologist

“Tools for Navigating Challenging Times”

Mandy Barbee Lanier, MA

Performance Coach, Developer of the Power Play™ System, Calm, Confident & Deliriously Happy Podcast Host

“The Enjoyment Gap & How to Close It”

 Megan Blacksmith

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Graduate of Chris Kresser’s ADAPT Practitioner Training

“How to Uncover Beliefs That Are Blocking Your Health”

 Jeff Jones

Therapist and Nutritional Recovery Life Coach

“Intervention, Family Recovery & Optimizing Recovery”

Taylor Bonga

Internationally Certified Life Coach and Self Healing Guide

“Unlearning the Mother Wound in Order to Break the Bonds of Intergenerational Trauma”

Eliza Fernandes, MSW, RSW

Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist EMDR Certified Therapist & EMDRIA Approved Consultant

“Attachment Shock and Deep Brain Reorienting”

Chris Marshall

Mental Health Advocate, Founder of Sans Bar (an alcohol free community), and author of The Sans Book- Affirmations and Drinks for the Zero Proof Journey releasing in 2023

 "The Necessity for Alcohol-Free Social Spaces

Elizabeth McGann

Holistic Nutritional Counselor, Healer, Coach, Host of Drop The Weight Podcast

“Drop the Weight: Releasing Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Weight”

Elias Abdel Ahed

Manual Osteopathy Practitioner, Specializes in Anthroposophic Therapy, Co-founder of Psychosomatic Trauma Initiative, Lecturer at the National Academy of Osteopathy

“Which Brain Is Leading You?” 

Samantha Perkins

Author of Alive AF- One Anxious Mom’s Journey to Becoming Alcohol Free and co-author of The Epiphanies Project, TedX speaker

“Living With Anxiety Can Be the Catalyst for Change”

Jesse Hanson, PhD

Psychologist specializing in Somatic Psychotherapy and Holistic Healing, including Embodiment Practices, Clinical Psychology, Indigenous Ceremonies, and Group Process Facilitation 

“Correlations Between Somatic Trauma Processing and Psychedelic Experiences”

Melissa Lapides

Licensed Psychotherapist, Trauma and Attachment Expert, Founder of The SafeSpace™ Institute.

“Trauma-Informed Leadership, Leading a New Paradigm”

Penelope Thompson

Soil Biologist, Nurse

“Creating a New Paradigm in Food and Health Through Enhanced Nutritional Soil”

Dr. Jodi Larry

Naturopathic Doctor, Brene Brown Facilitator, CEO and Founder of Rituwell 

“Neuroscience of Self Compassion: The Foundation of Mental and Physical Health”

Ronnie Landis

Author, Educator, Expert In Holistic Health, Natural Nutrition and Human Potential

“The Dopamine Reset”

Lisa Borden

Business Development Consultant, Wellness Intelligence Therapist

“Discovering Our Wellness Intelligence

Joy Badler

Educator, Founder of “The Joy Hive,” Creator of “The Girl Code”

“Overcoming Shame When Parenting a Neurodiverse Child”





When lives are at stake, we can’t settle for mediocrity or misinformation.

Join the FREE 2-day summit: Trauma Healing: An Awakened Approach to Trust, Consciousness and Resilience to...

  • Understand the truth about what works in trauma healing and how you can use that information not only for clients but also for yourself.
  • Learn from an expert panel of true innovators, transformational thinkers and change-makers in the transformation, consciousness, and healing space to look at trauma and whole body healing in a new way.
  • Debunk the myths of newer emerging healing modalities, such as attachment theory, somatic experiencing, and polyvagal theory.
  • Discover various somatic, embodiment, and trauma practices that can create effective outcomes and build life health, healing, and recovery and capital
  • Up-level your practice with cutting-edge modalities that will expand your personal and professional toolbox.
  • Find out how to create a safe and ethical space for sustainable outcomes without perpetuating further harm.
  • Learn the best way to heal from depression, anxiety, trauma, and adverse childhood experiences so you can thrive despite them.

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Bonus 1: Safe and Sound Protocol

5 Summit participants will be randomly drawn for a chance to experience the Safe and Sound Protocol.  The SSP allows for the repatterning of neural networks and improved regulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) for lasting change.

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Bonus 2: How to Choose the Right Treatment Plan for You or A Loved One

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Meet Your Host

Jeanne Foot

Founder of The Recovery Concierge

For the past 15 years, Jeanne has worked collaboratively alongside world-renowned psychiatrists, clinical professionals, and families across the globe with the primary goal to enhance outcomes and treat mental health and trauma with compassion and grace. 

Jeanne’s specialty is creating a safe container of holistic solutions that bridge the systemic gaps with trusted, ethical, and long-lasting results. Her customized concierge services support clients from surviving to thriving with a 97% success rate! 

 With the emergence of science, there is now a greater understanding of how Perinatal Psychology, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE),  Attachment Theory, Epigenetics, and Nervous System Regulation impact childhood development. Gone are the days of treating people in silos such as talk therapy.

 That’s why Jeanne is thrilled to host her second online summit to showcase the innovation in trauma healing and the innovators doing revolutionary work in trauma care.