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Are You Ready To Add Trauma Recovery Facilitator To Your Professional Toolbox?

Discover how to stop second-guessing yourself and confidently provide nuanced trauma-informed care that creates sustainable outcomes.

September 15th | 9 am PST, 12 pm EST


Find out why being trauma-informed is the most crucial (yet least understood) methodology to complement therapy and coaching today so you can increase your ethical capacity as a practitioner to hold safe space for both you and your clients and do no further harm.

In this FREE Trauma-Informed training you will learn:


  • To recognize how unprocessed trauma keeps you stuck in the same unconscious patterns and cycles so you can prevent it from sabotaging your success in your life and business 
  • Why holding safe space for someone with trauma is an ethical responsibility so you do not further cause harm
  • The difference between being trauma-informed and trauma therapy so that you can safely stabilize and stay in your scope of practice or refer out when needed
  • Why trauma is not about what’s wrong with you or your client, but what happened to you so you can unlearn conditioning and patterns that hold you back relationally 
  • How traditional talk therapy self-perpetuates and reactivates the trauma, unlike trauma-informed care that creates a safe container to be seen, heard and validated
  • About the interconnection between trauma and the mind, body, and nervous system, so you can hold your clients in their own process of creating resolution with confidence
  • The guiding principles of trauma-sensitive care to help you lay a solid foundation for inclusive practices and protocols

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Jeanne is the Founder of The Recovery Concierge, mental health concierge boutique. For the past 10 years, Jeanne has worked collaboratively alongside world-renowned psychiatrists, clinical professionals, and families across the globe with the primary goal to enhance outcomes and treat mental health, addiction, and trauma with compassion and grace. 

Creating a safe container of holistic solutions that bridge the systemic gaps with trusted, ethical, and long-lasting results is Jeanne’s specialty. Her customized concierge services support clients from surviving to thriving with a 97% success rate!